XR650L cutting out?

Houston I'm having a problem! I just put on a smog block off kit and a new pipe (WB E2) on the pig. I haven't yet jetted it and it still has the stock filter on it also the bike only has 800 miles on it. It ran fine for about 15 miles I stopped to put in gas, I took off and as soon as I start hitting high REVS it acts like it's running out of fuel and starts bogging and cutting off. Does anyone have any advice on what 's going wrong?

Yes, its way too lean. Perhaps you've bunged something by running it too lean.


almost anytime you change the pipe your gonna have to rejet.

comes too lean from factory, then with the pipe change, definitely way too lean ... probably runs smoother on 1/2 choke, too ... always a telltale sign :banghead:

Thanks for the help


Took it out for a ride today, started its cutting out and crap for about a mile and then mysteriously went away. I got the bike nice and hot and nothing happened. Just rode great. I guess it's FM.

You may have had a random piece of crap that shook loose when you were messing with the block off kit on that plugged something that had to pass all the way through.

Id bet its still too lean tho...

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