Kouba Link for RMZ450

I love my RMZ450 .. but at times being 5'8 can be a drag and with my SDG Hump seat it isn't any lower .. I was thinking about getting the kouba link - www.koubalink.com

what do you guys think ?

I'm about 5'6" and have the same problem but I'm concerned that it will change the geometry too much.

Ha this is funny cause I was thinking the same thing and I'm 5'7 what are the odds of a height diff so close. Sorry I just thought it was funny, by the way do you know if Ricky is using one cause he's a short a$$ too ?

I would get the SDG step seat instead of the link. The lowering link will change the handling.

I just ordered the SDG step seat from www.motosport.com I couldn't get a responce to verify the 05 and 06 seats are the same, but ordered anyway.

Seat height is only a factor when you stop. Don't stop.

do you guys really have that much of a problem. I'm 5'2 and i was thinking about getting rmz450 , i already have a ktm 125 and i would be switching back and farth but wat are the biggest complaints you have about the bike!!!

Thank you


I have no complaints. I love this bike. It has so much bottom end, and with the Pro Circuit pipe, it's a monster. I am getting the step seat to keep me forward in the corners. I am 5' 7 ", and have no problem with height. I had a CRF 450, and this bike is so much faster. Not saying it has more power, or anything, not sure of dyno power. but it hooks up and goes, it corners, and tracts. My lap times are way better.

Has anyone try the kouba link yet, if so please let me know how it work out.


The engineers at Suzuki spinet a lot of time working on the link and revised it for 06. I would be afraid of changing the geometry of the shock. The 06 tracks so much better & hadels braking bumps better than the 05 I jest would not try it. I am 5'-8" and have no problems with it being to tall.

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