Regearing & Flywheeling a YZ426F

Just picked up an '01 yz426f with only about 20 hrs. on it - it sparkles! I want to set it up for off-road riding, hare scrambles, etc. Stock gearing is 14 & 49. I just put a 13 tooth front spocket on, but it's still so fast in some of the tighter more technical woods I ride in. Should I go up to a 51 or 52 tooth rear sprocket?

Also, what's the best word on flywheels as far as brands and weights? The stall factor is definitely higher than on my '02 wr250f. I'm familiar with Steahly, SFB, and Trail Tech? Is there a difference? Where's the best place to purchase - they're all so $$$. And finally, what's the optimal weight?


I have the same bike with 14/51 gearing and a 10oz weight. The gearing is a little tall for the woods and requires alot of clutch action in the tight stuff. I have a 13 on order, should be here by tomorrow. I can let you know how it works in a couple of days. It should make first gear low enough to creep through the most technical of stuff, just hope it doesn't kill too much top end.

The 10oz weight is good for hooking the power up better but not heavy enough to eliminate stalling. It is better than without but not totally stall proof when lugging. If you are looking for stall protection I'd go with a 12 or 14 oz. If you just want to hook up better then the 10 oz would do fine.

I purchased the Steahly from my local dealer for $190. Your options are a little limited as some manufacturers don't make weights for the 426 anymore. I chose the complete flywheel so I could go back to stock if I wanted. Also, the weight Steahly puts onto the flywheel is bolted on so you can purchase other weights and change them if you like.

I have an 01 426. I ride 95% trails. I am running a 14 oz weight from Zip-ty Racing. It is great. It almost eliminated the stalling and made it lug through the woods. I purchased it here from the ThumperTalk store for $135. As far as gearing goes I am currently running a 14-52 which works pretty well in florida tight woods and sand. I purchased a 13 front and never ended up running it. I like the way it feels now. My latest purchase and what I recommend for everybody is a Rekluse Clutch. It is amazing!! I am finally getting mine dialed in and wow it makes a world of difference. No stalling and perfect clutch feathering everytime. :banghead:

Last time I rode we got into this real rooted, slimy section and I had the worst time because it was so slow. I knew my WR would've ripped right through it - but I love the power and speed (most of the time) on the YZ.

$400 is pretty steep, but the rekluse sounds like the way to go. I may slap a 51 or 52 tooth rear sprocket on with the 13 tooth counter and see what that does. But without the rekluse I still may be looking for some more flywheel weight.

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