Brighter WR headlight, (pics)

I just installed a GE nighthawk H4 headlight on my wr. GE claims it is 33% brighter than OEM lights...I purchased a set of these headlights, (9003 type) at walmart for 25 bucks or so.

Here are the pics....the nighthawk is significantly WHITER than the standard headlight...and much brighter. The difference is much more impressive than the pictures suggest.

Standard headlight.

Nighthawk headlight

Nice change!

My headlight is crappy, I'm thinking about going to a polisport twin headlight set up.

Thanks for the info ARin. What is the wattage of the new bulb?

My 03 AC electrical system can't handle much more than the stock 55 watt bulb.

keeps the same wattage, but some filters and gasses are used, to project diffrent specter of white

must consider, that increased % of brightness while keeping the power consumption same, means lower bulb life

on the other hand, bulbs like philips blue vision keep bulb life at the max and improve visibility a bit, especially in bad weather..rain, fog..distant roadsigns

ARin, you gotta stop making all these improvements I am havinga hard time keeping up. I know, I know I just can't help myself.

did the new light replace the OEM one in the original number plate housing? mine is shattered and needs replacing

No, only replaces the bulb. not the glass housing.

I just posted a while back about installing a PIAA 80/80 Super White.

It is a more expensive bulb. But I think it throws a ton more light out than my stocker.


I am using the UFO Twin 35 watt headlights and I love them. One is a flood light and the other is a pencil beam. I used them down in Baja a lot at high speeds and I was very happy. Not to mention you can get replacement bulbs at Home Depot for 5 bucks. You can even get the 50 watt bulbs at Home depot and run them if you want. The bulbs from home depot have a different taper to them so you have to put a little high temp gasket maker to hold them from shaking. You can run this with the stock stater also!!

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