UNI Filter XR650R

Hi everyone i have a strange question.

i have done the airbox mods and installed a KN filter on my XR650R. i want to change to a UNI filter (on recommendations from this forum) but as i did not see any of the original filter parts i do not know if the UNI filter comes with a mounting 'cage' or does it fit in like the KN which has a rubber lip to seal on the airbox


Most of them should. If your dealer has an older one hanging around it might not. 99% of the time they come with the cage.

thanks for info. i want to order it from rockymountain (along with other things) but as their price is $17.99 as opposed to $34 on UNI filter site i am not sure if i am getting the right thing. i will email them (rockymountain) i hope they will reply. it is difficult ordering from Africa as i cannot exchange wrong items or worse not ride my bike if i order wrong thing

You're getting the right thing. I ordered from them about 6 months ago and got the UNI WITH the support cage. Rocky mountain has some darn good prices. Don't forget to look at the Thumpertalk store too!

I have put a PC RACING backfire seal on my xr with great results. Take your time installing it so the glue bonds and you are good to go minus the grease. And yes the Uni I last bought came with a cage that is not needed. All you need to run is the stock backfire screen with a cageless filter and if you want to stop using grease to seal the lip of the filter then go with the PC Racing air box seal. Keeps the mess to a minimum.

Which one gives you more performance? The uni and stock backfire screen/support or uni with cage and removing the stock backfire screen? It seems like the stock screen may reduce airflow, which what I have with the old style uni.

For better breathing the UNI w/ the cage it comes with. However, I've toasted more filters than I'd like to admit. Buy 3 of them($20/ea.) and then you only have to wash filters once a month.

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