DR-Z 400S Coolant

Just bought a 2003 DR-Z 400S with 2,000 miles. It has had two factory services. I'll be keeping it in an unheated garage in very cold (down to 0 degrees) conditions. Does anyone know whether Suzuki fills the coolant system with anti-freeze at the factory? Any other suggestions for cold weather storage? Thanks.

Rich C.

Say, you are a newbie, aren't you?

You'll get better results at the DRZ Forum , and probably less needling, too. :banghead:

Just drain it and refill it with 50/50 mix. That way you know for sure. Doesn't take that long, and you need to do other winter storage tasks as well.

1) Change oil

2) Remove battery and store in a warm, dry place.

3) Squirt a teaspoon of oil into your spark plug hole. Crank the motor over to coat the inside of your cylinder.

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