Swingarm zerks

I'm gonna tear my '00 WR400 down and do some overdue maintenance and I plan on putting a zerk in the steering head. I was also wondering if anyone has put zerks in the swingarm. I met a guy with a XR400 and he has done both steering and swingarm. If it is possible does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

Having zerks on the linkage doesn't mean it will lube it properly. Today's needle bearings are so shallow/thin, the grease would have a hard time getting to all the cavities. Plus, it's good to take it apart to clean the seals from all the sand, and clean out the old grease. You could get away with doing the head bearing zerk, although it seems like a waste of grease. I just take mine apart every 3 months, clean it with mineral spirits or Safety clean, and re-grease it.

Just my .02



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Uh, like twist the throttle...

Strongly Agree....Zerks can make you lazy in performing maintenance. The downside is finding out about it 60 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Nothing can replace tearing down the bike an visually checking for abnormal wear and deterioration.

Bonzai... :)

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