Head lights

I have seen the BD cyclops headlights, yet there must be a cheaper solution:

here is a photo I found, one of the bikes has dual head lights and the other, rear-left has a single headlight...

Any clues


Found a solution -- In the mid to late 70's BMW's came with a shollow headlight with two bolts on either side and mounted to the forks -- Found one on E-bay yet was out of luck.

Still searching.

what exactly are you looking for? a cheap dual beam head light or what?

Acerbis makes a bunch of aftermarket dual and single beam headlights, most of which are under $100. I don't think there is any better "cheaper solution." They are ready to go out of the box and you can run higher wattage bulbs for even brighter beam patterns in some of them. They're worth a look.

yeah...waht ever u want is gonna be about 80-120

I don't know if it would quality as 'cheap', but Trailtech makes small HID lights in MR11 and MR16 sizes, with the latter having an integrated ballast. For the MR16, it draws 30w with ~100w output. They run $150 apiece ($100 for MR11), but considering what BD charges for their Tecate light, it isn't that bad. I'm going to run 3 as a mini 'light bar' above the headlight assembly (2 spots, 1 pencil) when their next shipment comes in early December. If you were looking for a cheap mounting option for the above lights, Precision Concepts makes a ODO relocation bracket for ~$10 that would work as a mount for one light.

Naru: only problem is they are not DOT approved. or at least they do not state it if they are.

Naru: only problem is they are not DOT approved. or at least they do not state it if they are.

Ya knowk if you get pulled over and the cop says ok, lets do the equipment dance, your converted stock headlight will do anything he wants it to do with that conversion thing I sent you from fourstrokesonly.com...

Just wipe the "NOT" in NOT DOT approved off the back with some Acetone and you're good to go... :banghead:


yes officer, my low beams are just so low you cant see them.

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