Spark Arrestor 00' YZ 426 ??????

I have a YZ 426 with a stock exhaust. It does not have a spark arrestor. I noticed that you can buy a spark arr. on the Yam. web site. Does anyone know if you can just remove the muffler tail cap and slide that "cone style" spark arrester in the muffler and then just put the muffler tail cap back on. OR do I have to buy a whole new muffler system??? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I bought a pro-billet silencer/spark arrestor for my 426. It went on easy. It was the whole end. NOT a new exhaust.

Check out the web site for info

Promoto endcap :banghead:

The sparky on the Yamaha site is for their GYT-R performance exhaust, not your stocker. Your cheapest option would be the PMB as already suggested.

I currently have a complete 2004 YZ450 Exhaust pipe with the Pro Moto Billet Endcap already installed that I'm willing to sell for a reasonable price. Contact me if you're interested. It also has the quiet core insert. Kurt Meyer.

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