YZ PLASTIC on 05 WR450 HELP!!!!!

Hi I have a 2005 wr450 and I was wondering if the yz plastic will fit the wr. My main concern is if the rear fender will fit. I am asking this because I want to change my wr to all black. Thanks for your help.

yes, just get the same year model to be sure. You will have to trim the rear a little to fit but it's no prob.

You will have to drill some holes for your coolant resivior lines. Put it's only plastic, very simple to do with a Dremel or a drill, or a utility knife. Pretty simple mod.

You do realize that you won't have a rear tail light, right??

Do you think the '06 yellow/black oem anniversary plastic will bolt on to a WR?

Yeah I know it won't have a tail light but I am getting it street plated right now and it will have a LED brake light bolted under the rear fender. Thanks for all you r help guys. I thought it would fit just needed some reassurance.

Do you think the '06 yellow/black oem anniversary plastic will bolt on to a WR?

You would have a problem with the left side panels. The WR has an air filter access panel on the left side of the bike because the battery is blocking the top of the air box. The YZ does not have this access panel. You change the air filter on the YZ by pulling off the seat.

SO...you technically could put all of the YZ plastic on your WR, but you wouldn't be able to get to your air filter unless you remove your battery and the top of the air box.

Thanks SBPimp. I probably wouldn't do it anyways but I just can't stop oogling the pics of the yellow YZ450 in the latest dirt mag. If anyone can confirm that I'll ride faster with the yellow plastic I'll do it. Air filter hassle and all.

I have on 04' WR and I know the side panels and rear fender are the same as the 05'. The left side panel for the YZ will not bolt on to the WR. The lower mounting bolt is not in the same spot and you would also run into the problem sealing up the airbox. The YZ has a closed airbox on the left side where as the WR has the removable panel that won't line up with the YZ plastic.

No the yz left side panel will work, I just put all black acerbis yz plastic on my 03 wr. you just need to trim the portion of the new side panel where the lower bolt goes, then remove the small white piece of plastic from the airbox access panel two small screws from the back side,the side cover will then lay right on top of the airbox cover. there is a bit of trimming required at the top, then i drilled a small hole from the backside of the airbox cover through the side panel and attached the two with a small black screw. so now to get to the air filter i just take out the upper side panel bolt and remove the side panel and the airbox cover as one piece...easy!!

Todd :banghead:

Well on my 04', the lower mounting bolt for the side panel is a couple of inches off from where the WR mount is.

You would think that someone at Yamaha would read this stuff..

I really wanted a OEM Black and Yellow wr 450--Yes I know the IT was blue and thats why I bought the YZ back in 82 ( LOOK LEFT )

I have an 04 WR but this is what I did. I use YZF plastic for everything (but I also use a YZF tank and seat) except the side panels because as said above the left does not fit and I dont want to clean my air filter by going thru the seat. I use 05 WR white side panels. I rec. that to anyone riding an O3 or 04 bike because then you will get the cut out hand out that should have been done years ago.

Good luck,


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