Anyone have black brake/clutch lever?

I have been trying to find black brake and clutch levers for my 2002 YZ426.

Does anyone know where i can get them? Or know of "other bike" black levers that will fit my 02 YZ426?

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for the link, those levers look really sick. Maybe a bit pricey for me at the moment. $130 is a lot for levers, but they are nice.

Do you know of anything that is relatively less expensive.

Rocky Mountain sells ones that are just the lever for like $15.

Probably no where near as nice as the ASV, but just wondering if anyone knows of any other places.



Those are the only I've seen in all black. I run some MSRs with a black grippy area where your fringer touches them.

The ASV are really nice, and dont break when you fall over or your bike falls off a triangle or something and why they are so expensive.

I did see those MSR's as well with the grip on there.

I might have to fork out some cash then to get those ASV ones.

This is a stupid question, but are the ASV ones jus the lever, or does it come with the part that goes onto the bars as well?

Not sure what that part is called where the lever screws into, but for $65, hopefully it is more than just the lever with anodized black and an ASV stamp.


ive got carbon fiber lookin ones on my bike... were i think 15$ on ebay which was cheaper than stock replacements... carbon fiber looks black from a distance... i think it looks real nice

That depends on what you order. You can get the whole perch setup with hotstart and everything...dunno about your 426, doesn't it have a decompression and hot start lever? Not sure how that would work as far as a new perch - im sure a 426 guy will know and hopefully post!

2002 426 has the hotstart as pull button on the carb directly. No bar mounted setup (unless you added it later). The Decompression is not integrated into the clutch perch, it is a completely seperate mount. So for the 426 you just need the standard perch with no hotstart, or just the lever and use the existing perch.

I have a Hot Cam so i don't even have my decompression lever on there anymore.

So really all i need is just the lever.


Carbon Fiber "looking" ones. Are they carbon fiber or fake? And would they fit my 426?

Where on ebay. I guess i will just check, but do you have a company or ebay store that you bought them from.

Thanks for all the help,


Just wanted to say thanks for the link.

I might check them out.

The ASV levers look sick too, but for $65 each, i think these carbon ones might be ok to check out.



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