Hoping to get a larger tank and rad gaurds for 05 WR450?

Very curious if anyone has any suggestions. From some older threads that I have read there are different opinions on what tank works best with the 05 WR450? Sounds like the GYTR from Acerbis might be best.

But then if I am to add radiator guards... I am wondering if that will cause any issues?

If any of you have suggestions of products that will work well together please advise.


Works connection rad supports get in the way with the Ascerbis tank on right side, but can be cut to fit.

Search again, I know we covered this last spring :banghead:

I know guys that are running the Devol radiator guards with aftermarket tanks but I don't know what tank mfg. it is. The Devol guards I feel are the best and the backbone behind the radiator is minimal, they get the majority of their side impact protection from the full front grill. Better than the unabikers!!!! (Sorry guys, but it's true :banghead: )

Good luck :banghead:

Flatland racing has the beefiest guards. Mine have been to Baja two years in a row.

Unabiker guards work with the Acerbis. You just need to oval out the hole for the rear portion of the right guard to give the tank about 1mm more clearance. No big deal...SC

beefiest of all rad guards are Australian made by B&B Aluminium.

My good friend has them with his 28 litre GYTR safari "super" tank.

How much cutting needs to be done to the Works guards? I just installed these, and will eventually go with the Acerbis/Yamaha tank.


i had to hack a substantial amount of my works guards away... although it didn't appear to weaken the support... (dropped it a few times since)

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