VIN Verification for CA Plate

First I have a Canadian 02 WR426 with a CA plate and current Tags. butt my registration is still pending meaning the DMV will not give me my pink slip. They say I need a VIN number Verification my local police will not do it My local CHP has one guy for the whole department but you have to leave your bike all day on a Tuesday of Thursday for a "very through inspection" this makes me nervous. I went to my local DMV and got a Vin verification but the lady wrote a note on the form (343) that the Vin numbers match but there is no federal ID sticker. I am NERVOUS about using this Vin verification since if I am denied then I am screwed. What have you guys with Canadian bikes in California done. Should I shop around for another Vin verification will the DMV cancell my registration if I use this Vin verification. Anyone have any suggestions I sure could use some good support right now. Please let me know what has worked for you. :banghead:

Here is a link to the DMV website on this subject


The most important statement is

Off-highway motorcycles previously converted to on-highway or dual registration will not be subject to verification.

Won't help with your VIN verification buy at least they won't be looking for an emissions sticker :banghead:

That Make's me feel slightly better Thank you I think I may send a copy of that DMV rulling with the registration.

I took my Canadian WR with a Vermont plate to a local CHP and he verified the VIN, but wrote "MX bike" on the form. I noticed this before I left and asked if he would delete the words MX. He did and I got my plate.

I would try another CHP office to get a clean legit VIN form.

Try to submit the cleanest paperwork package you can.

I went through the same BS with my 01 426 that I bought from a dealer in Georgia. I did all of my homework and even spoke to a DMV customer service person. I explained all of my concerns and the lady told me everything would be fine. What she told me matched what I found online. After I bought the bike and took it to DMV they gave me a bunch of crap about some type of emissions sticker and not being able to find the second VIN. They told me that I have to take it to CHP. I found out after the fact that this is pretty common with dirt bike registration.

I called CHP to set up an appointment and got BSing with the guy. He started explaining the process of leaving the bike for 2 hours and why there are things about motorcycle #s that the public can't know about, etc., etc. I told him that I have a couple of buddies in law enforcement and that I totally understand why the process needs to be kept hush-hush. He then proceeds to tell me to just have my buddy do the verification. He says that any law enforcement officer can verify the VIN. If you look on the form it clearly says: Any law enforcement officer. I had my buddy check the VIN, fill out the form and I mailed it back in with no problems. Got the title in a few weeks. Never did figure out what the "emissions sticker" was. I think it was just a convienant way for the DMV worker to get out of doing their job.

Although I could be wrong, I don't think the CHP inspection guys do any wrenching on your bike. Unless something looks suspicious I think they just check the VIN.

I strongly agree with the post above: keep the paper work neat and clean.

Hope this helps.


There's two VIN's. One on the frame, and one on the engine.

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