bikes differ

Homeie cam down form Denver to ride around ABQ (albuquerque). ****** was on a diet so eating was sucked. He has an XR250 with a tail pipe and and air box. I have a mostly stock WR with the freebes. He just couldn't start his pshit XR after making the chages. We in'd the pilot screw which helped, but he kept twisting the throtle when he kicked. (he's vertically challenged @ 5'9". He kicked and kicked. I said "don't tire, let me try. FIRST KICK!

I somewhat understand ignition **** . I think his biggest drawback was old habits. Maybe that's whey my WR starts very, very well.

He wasn't proud, we rocked through the forest and had TOO MUCH FUN. **** the bike wars. I love rid'in his XR. Has an engine, right!!!!!!!!!

5'9" is vertically challenged?!?!?!?! I'm hurt. :)



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

me too! :)

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