I Got A Plate for my WR today!!! (In VA)

I can't explain it, but I basically went straight from a Certificate of Origin (Also known as an MSO) that clearly stated "This vehicle is not street legal..blah blah..etc" to a street title, to a plate! :lol: Everyone told me I would have to installl all the street stuff (turn signals, brake light switched front and rear, horn, etc...) and get a special inspection. But I didn't do any of that. :banghead: I couldn't be happier because I have been trying to get a plate since I bought the bike aboout two months ago. :banghead: If any of you are looking for a plate in VA, there is hope. And don't work too hard transforming your bike into a completely street legal machine (Unless you want to, of course) before you try the simple route. See y'all in the mountains! :busted:

Congrats on the plate! I knew you could do it. :banghead:

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