Would a YZ426F/ YZ450F be a good bike for me

well I have been riding by kx 125 for the past 10 1/2 months and I definately need to move up now. I only ride trail but my 125 is not doing it for me seeing as I weigh 180. I have ridden an '03 before but I heard about the 426's having a big hit that can make them really hard to ride. Would the 426's, seeing as they dont have auto decompression, be relatively easy to start if I did the blue wire mod and stuck an iCat on it? thx for the help

The 426 is a good bike and i've had mine for 4 years, i've done the blue wire mod, bk mod, and my next step is the 450 cam for it. The 450 cam makes them have the autodecompression just like the 450s. I think they make great trail machines but i also like to play on the motocross track. If i was going to trail ride all the time, which is what it will be for when i get my new one. I think i would go with the rekluse clutch. I love my bike for trails and motocross and others on here do to.

I just picked up an 01 YZ426 on Sunday.....I had previously been riding an old XR250. This 426 has power to spare and I love it. Its not too much but it sure goes when I want it to!! Mine is stock except for an FMF Titanium pipe. No BK mod, no blue wire mod and it starts on the first or second kick every time.

I heard about the 426's having a big hit that can make them really hard to ride.

Completely false.

The 426 is the easiest bike to ride. The power delivery is so smooth compared to a 2 stroke, its a whole new ballgame. Also the power is always there. Just roll it on. no more slipping the clutch, dropping down 2 gears etc, like you would with your 125.

I love my 426. I haven't ridden it on trails yet because it fails the Db test. If you're going to run trails you need to get a flywheel weight. They don't like to go slow and if you putt around you're going to spray coolant out of it. The power delivery is very linear compared to a 2-stroke, which is more like driving a turbocharged car waiting for the turbo to spool. I'm in love with my bike. Enough said :banghead:

I learned on an old YZ250, and moved up to the 426 a little while ago. There is a big diference regarding the power, not bad, just different. Just something to get used to. As for the auto decomp...trust me, do the 450 exaust cam mod. The best upgrade for the money, especially coming from a 2 stroke, you might find the 426 a bit hard to start, I know I did. But after the new cam, I can kick all day long. I have held off on a flywheel weight, because even if I stall it on an uphill trail, it is so easy to start...Overall a great bike for the money. Also get some engine ice coolant, keeps temps down.

I have ridden an '03 before...

The '03 450 in stock form is the hardest hitting, most difficult to manage of all of them. They can be toned down without giving anything up, really, but the point is that you've already seen the meanest of the bunch. the 426 is 10-15+ pounds heavier, but it's a great bike, too. If you get a 426, do the cam mod.

In 04' I went from a yz125 to yz450 and actually found the 450 easier to ride, especially on the trails. It is nice to not have to shift as much.

Like others have said, the 426 motor is great for trails. IMO it is the most verstatile (in stock trim) of the Yamaha thumpers. It has a very smooth, but potent power delivery. Lots of power everywhere, but not really any big hit. I rode one for 2 years on mx tracks and on trails and found it to be excellent for both. If you're gonna ride mostly trails, the hot ticket would be to gear it down a bit and look into either a heavier flywheel or an auto clutch like the Rekluse. Also, definately do the 450 cam mod. It is probably the best mod for that bike. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to pick one up.

Don't necessarily think that you have to move to a bigger bike to get faster. I rode 125's for seven years and never had more fun. I'm 6'0" and weigh 180. I always figured when I was riding my 125 that I wasn't going as fast as Bubba, so I still must have some room for improvement. Keep in mind, that pro 125 riders are only about 7 - 10 seconds slower per lap than the 250 guys. And don't get all caught up in all that 4-stroke hype. At the end of the day, the wheel, chain, and throttle are moving you forward. It really doesn't matter that much what engine is driving the bike.

I now have a 2001, YZ 426F. It is easier to ride and does have a lot more power. BUT, that power comes with a price. Generally you will be riding at a lot faster pace, and the bike also weighs a lot more. I could pretty much throw my 125 wherever I wanted. But the 426 does have a mind of it's own. As a rider, you just have to be better to manage the big bike. It goes where it wants to so you have to know how to use the throttle and move your weight around or you'll land on your head.

I'm not trying to discourage you from getting the bike that you want, but I'm just glad that I spent the seven years that I did riding the 125 and learning the basics of riding before I moved up. Actually the first bike that I bought was a worn out YZ 250. What a mistake. After falling a few dozen times and almost killing myself, I sold that thing for a song and moved to the 125. It was the best move that I ever made. I had a lot of fun on the 125 and learned a lot in the process. Even at 180 lbs, the bike isn't holding you back. You should be able to jump anything that anyone else is. It might take a little more work than them, but it will make you a better rider by taking the time to polish your skills.

As a suggestion, as long as you aren't competing in the 125 class, keep the 125, go get a big bore kit, and ride for another 5 years before making the jump.

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