Don't trust zip-ty

I repeat. Don't trust zip-ty. In my opinion, they fail to recognize and address the shipping charge issue. When you send 2 confirmations to a customer that says $0.00 shipping, I don't care what the fine print on their website says. They know there is a problem, but they don't fix it.

When a request is made for them to work with the customer who feels scammed, they say no. And, in my opinion, their customer service sucks.

oh that sucks! but just think it could just be one jackass on the customer sevice line who doesnt represent the whole company. you should bring this up with the zip ty manager to get everything straightened out. IMO

I had a great experience with Zipty... :banghead:

How about instead of making all of these hypothetical statements, you just tell what happened to you?

I bought my zipty stuff here on TT, they tell you up front what the shipping will be :banghead:

I've had no problems with ZipTy racing. To date I've ordered from them twice. Had goods shipped to South Africa. Both times they were quite clear on the shipping costs I would occur. They even verified order before charging my credit card.

I had the same problem when I ordered a hot start nut. I asked to talk to the boss....Ty basically told me tough shit, that's the way it is and it ain't changing....

ovrrdrive, I fail to see what was hypothetical about my post. It was actual. And, I explained the shipping fee issue I have with zip-ty. When you order on their website, they do not show shipping charges. You get a confirmation page after entering your credit card that says $0.00 shipping. You then get an email from them that says $0.00 shipping. When your order arrives, it has a paper invoice with an added shipping charge. That is crap!

They respond that their website can't show shipping. Well, when you get 2 confirmations that both say no shipping, I think the fine print that they point to on their website is trumped by the actual shownig of $0.00 for shipping on the 2 confirmations.

And, even if it doesn't, they are at fault for knowing their process is deceiving but not doing anything about it. Fix the website--don't bait people into a free shipping purchase, confirm it twice, and then later say we know our website is screwed up. FIx it!

FYI--I ordered the hot start nut on their website because it was not available on TT.

FYI--I ordered the hot start nut on their website because it was not available on TT.

The TT Store can get just about anything you want, even if it's not listed. Just call 'em direct and they'll be able to hook you up :banghead: ...SC

Wish I had known that! Thanks for the info

No problems here with zip-ty.

I have had nothing but good luck with them. I have read that disclaimer from day one. I have a lot of their products and think they are great.

What if you are linked direct to the page that has the item you want to buy? You never see the disclaimer on their home page.

I think they fixed the problem, read disclaimer in bid red letters. scroll down page.

I have bought many products, most through TT and am happy with them.

I do not think by putting that language in their web site somewhere they have fixed the problem. I just ordered a fuel screw and just like the originator of this thread says. It is definitely stated that no other charges will be placed upon my credit card. I am not b_tching, but just saying that they should fix their web site. At least edit the order confirmation memo to you telling you that you are going to be charged for shipping. I can see how someone can be easily confused. In my case, I happened to see this thread before I orderd the screw so I knew there would be a shipping charge. The scary thing is.... I have no idea how much! Is shipping 1 dollar or 100 dollars? I do not mind paying shipping but I really need to know how much before the charge hits my card.

All other internet "sellers" seem to be able to handle transactions in a normal manner, why is Zip Ty having so much difficulty with this. Maybe... they just don't care!


My surprise shipping was $5.95 for the carb nut--about the smallest thing you could order. They shipped it UPS.

My surprise shipping was $5.95 for the carb nut--about the smallest thing you could order. They shipped it UPS.

Interesting! I just sent out a countershaft sprocket I sold a guy. He lives in the mid west. I live on the east coast. Shipping was around 3.50. I used USPS. they seem pretty competitive nowadays. Shipping for the fuel screw I just ordered shouldn't be much! We will see!


Most all companies have a min shipping charge of $6 to $7, even here on TT, but then they will ship 10 items for the same shipping so when I order I stock up on filters, plugs, etc :banghead:

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