Just put on a Carbon Pro II-AWSOME

I was all ready set to goin ridin tonight and had the bike in the truck. I was takin off from work to go hit some dirt. I bought a WB Carbon Pro II exhaust but wasn't expectin it until later this week. Well I got it at work this morning and when I got to where I was ridin I put it on.

Man that pipe really opened up my 04 450 :banghead: I was runnin a complete Ti system already but I got that Carbon Pro for a good price so I bought it. That pipe flat out rocks, I could basically ride everything in 4th. I could not believe the power difference from my other Ti system. I'm already runnin a 14/47 combo because of the other system. I think I can go to a 46 rear with the way my bike pulls now :banghead: Brand new cost on that pipe is out of my league :lol: I didn't even rejet, I just kept the other pipes jetting and it was spot on. This is an awsome pipe and really wakes up a 450.

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