Anybody recognize this speedo?


Im looking for a speedo like this one...but I dont know what it comes off...its obviously a Honda, but which bike?

That is the unit that came on many of the early eighties XR bikes. My 1984 XR350 had that unit on it. So did the XR500 the XR250 and 200. 1983 to about 1987 was the timeframe.

Id love to get my hands on one...without the $200+price tag that is...

I hear you Shawn. I have one off my 87 XR250. It was MINT until I crashed the pig and screwed it up. The speedo still works mint but the odo is done for.

Love to know who his supplier is?

Nice trip down memory lane- I had one on my '83 XR350R.

I had the same unit on my xr500 (1983) When I sold the bike I kept the unit and put it on my 650r and it bolted right up. From what I remember it was a sealed unit and I had a problem with something so I took a dermal and cut open the back of the unit to repair it. Worked great for a long time. It broke again (different problem) and it wasn't fixable this time so I found on e-bay another speedo/odometer which came off I believe an older xr L model. It's a round unit that has a bulb in it for lighting up the face. So far so good.

Watch ebay. Every so often they show up. Expect to pay ~$50-100 though.

id rather the one on my 650l, records up to like 100k and goes up to 115mph

That's the same speedo on my 87.

Baja Designs sells them new, but they cost alot. They also have the round backlight kind that is only $65.00 with all the same features.

They were actually off the '86-'89 XR 200 and 250. They were also the 83-85 XR 350 and 500. However, the 86-89 XR600 had the fully digital computer speedo. Now, if you can get your hands on one of THOSE, those are a nice little jewel.

Like this!

I found one like that one that works. 450 so far.

A gave me my XR. Its an 83 and it runs great, but Ive only got 250 into it so far and Id like to keep the investment down to a reasonable recapturable figure. If I huck 200+ at a speedo, Id have to be insane or be forced to part the bike out to get out of it.

Ya know, Ive looked and looked and looked at pipes for the thing...seems like they didnt change the pipe at all from 83 all the way through about 90 or so...or until they went to a removable subframe...cant remember when that was....

Anyway, thanks guys for the input. At least now I know the one I want is probably too expensive.

TRAILTECH........................GET ONE THEY ARE AWESOME............... :banghead:

I had no idea old stock speedos were worth so much. I never look at mine when I ride. Might have to yank it off and put it on e-bay

I had no idea old stock speedos were worth so much. I never look at mine when I ride. Might have to yank it off and put it on e-bay

Or sell it to me. A used one is only worth $20 bucks you :banghead:

i'll give you $30 bucks for it.

i'll give you $30 bucks for it.


With shipping and handling the total comes to $250

Paypal okay with you?

he he

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