Fuel level (actual) on 00 WR400

This bike is driving me nuts. Can anyone give me an actual fuel level measurement that works for them using a clear tube on the drain petcock? I set the floats at 9mm, but cant get it through emmisions and response is crap. The fuel level when looked through a tube is half-2/3 up the center float bowl adapter thing on the carb (if you own one you should know what I mean). The manual (clymer) states that both floats and fuel level should be at 9mm down from bowl mount surface (mounted), but I think its a typo, the fuel level has to be a little higher...any ideas? I have replaced the needle/seat and the 0-ring but no help in sealing sooner. Im trying to chase a gremlin either here or in the TPS. If someone with an allen wrench, stock clear vent tube, and 2 minutes of theyre time could hook me up itd definitly be appreciated.

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