Kick starting "the beast"

Hi All,

Okay. Giggle if you must, but I have never had a bike with a kick start before. All previous rides had the magic e button. With my new ride (WR450) I seem to battle to start the bike when it is hot and it was suggested / recommended in these forums to just kickstart the thing. I have heard that it rebounds and all sorts nasty things. I have tried as per the manual but to date have not succeeded. Any tips please (guess I am opening myself up to some serious abuse but I am sure there must be some good samaritans with some helpful advice).



Read this...SC

I find it helps to hold the kill button down the 1st 3-4 revs of the starter when she doesn't want to start....let it off and she fires right up.

Stupid question but, when your motor is hot you always use the hotstart lever yes?

My 450 really doesn't want to fire up without it, but sparks up in 2-3 revolutions with it pulled in. Or one good long kick. (imagine trying to kick 'through' the stroke of the kicker)

Remember also - absolutely no throttle :banghead:

Thanks guys,

The tips have paid off as I can now successfully start "the beast" whithout having to look stupid. The link provided clark4131 did the trick.



Wow and I find very easy to start my old 99 YZ400 with manual compresion release, I cant imagine hoe easy will be to start this things with auto decomp.

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