426 Clutch Assembly

I am trying to reinstall the clutch boss spring in to my 426 after removing a Z-Start. I do not know which way the bevelled end needs to go? I guess I should have keep track of that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Part number 14 in this diagram426 Clutch.jpg

If I remember right, it's marked with "OUT" on one side, and that side should face to the outside of the motor. If it's not marked, then it should be installed so that it tapers out toward the plates (outside of motor):


| -->outside of motor


I think that's the right way anyways. Anyone want to clarify?

Why did you remove the Z Start?

Thanks cowboy, I will have to look closer at the part and see what it says on it. It sounds like a great place to start


I am removing the Z-start because I sold it and will be trying to sell the bike by spring

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