426 in the sand?

I got my 00' 426 for $2500 and I've been very happy with it. Riding sand at first is really hard. My first time out I crashed at least 2-3 times. The key is to give it the gas and just sit back. If you put too much weight on your front tire it will dig in and you'll be toast. Essentially the back tire has to do it all and the front tire just glides over the sand.

I run an 8 paddle and it hooks up like mad. I ride at St. Anthony dunes in Idaho and we've got some pretty big dunes here. I rip up them in third pulling a wheelie the whole way. I ride with guys on 250 2 smokers and they can't climb anything.

Don't ride a regular tire, you'll lose all your power. It would be like putting my toyota corrola tires on a dodge viper. Sure it will still be fast, but it won't hook up very well and you won't be alble to use nearly all of the power.

hello there

what is a paddle?


i was just wondering if you guys have any pics of you riding jumping in the dunes?

I dont have any photos, but i do a lot of video production related stuff and i will be buying a helmet camera soon. Should be interesting. Can't wait to get my setup.

There are plenty of DVD's that have footage of sand in them.

Videos like FMX Riot, the Crusty videos, Seth 1 and 2, etc.


I am sure the internet had plenty of photos of guys riding in the sand. Just search like Pismo Dunes, Glamis Dunes, or St. Anthony Dunes in Idaho.

Good luck.


I have yet to try out my sand snake 10 paddle. hopefulle I will be able to labor day weekend at sand mountain(little sahara), UT. hopefully all goes wel!

Running a paddle in the sand is a whole different animal. You are going to have to learn how to turn with one. The throttle is your friend. Have fun!

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