XR650 or CRF450X

I am in the market to buy a new bike and my choices are the XR650 and CRF450X. It is going to be used as a race bike for the Baja but I would also like to do some desert and dunes riding. I know nothing about either bike except for the fact that everyone races the Baja on a 650. If anyone has any suggestions as to which bike would be a better buy your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

probably the 650.

I don't have much seat time on the CRF, but I will say this- they are A LOT nicer in the woods due to less weight. However, the 650R is an unbeatable ride in the dunes, desert, and on gravel roads due to power, softer suspension, and stability. It's really an easy decision; if you plan to spend a lot of time in the air:CRF. If you want to be planted firmly:650R. Plus, the CRF is very high maintenance and the 650R is virtually bulletproof.

probably the 650.

Only 176 more worthless one posts till you get to a grand.

The new 450X is kinda what 650 should be without the extra maintenance. Its light, electric start, and fairly powerful though not as powerful as the 650. With that said, its still hard to beat the 650 for Baja. I 've had mine for 5 yrs now and its been a great bike with very little problems. Just change the oil, clean the filter, and change the rear tire and ride.

I was down in Baja in Sept and one fairly new 450x broke 200 miles in, wouldn't start, I believe the valves were tight from what someone said. But another 450x and 2 250x's ran fine the entire trip, so its kinda of crap shoot doing long rides on the Xs.

I would trying to ride each of these bikes and see what you think. To some people the 650 can be hard to ride so it may take some time to get used to it.

Good luck.

Don't forget the cost.

Nothing but graphics on the 650R has changed between 02-06. so... even if you are looking for a new one, buy an older model year that sitting in a dealership somewhere.

So if you spend -$4000-4400 on a new 650R you will have plenty of money left around for mods before you even reach the price of a 450X.

That combined with the reasons stated in above posts-

My choice-650R

one very nice thing about the 650r is if you break something during a race...like a sproke or something, you can get another from a 2002 650r guy who is nice enough to lend it to u, with the 450, there are way less and they all differ. the 650 is also way way way cheeper.

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