lowering suspension xr650L

Hi everybody,this is my first post tough i've been reading your post for quite a time. :banghead: nice info,great bikes.I've made a few mods to my bike like rear disk guards and chain guards and some other stuff to mitigate some road rash(on the bike).Right now i'm in the process of lowering it a bit.I've tried lowering the forks and loosing the nut on the shock.It works but i'm having some handling problems.I've heard about getting some spacers inside the fork tubes so they won't extend fully (loosing a little travel is not a problem)if any of you knows anything about it i'll be happy to know.thank you guys.

you should get a lowering link for the rear shock....no clue on the forks.

Check with local suspension shops to see if they shorten forks. I had an inch and a half lowered on my 2002 exc 400 by Dicks Racing. They do good work. I also had an inch and a half on my wifes new CRF250X by Dicks. The forks and shock have to match.

Forks and shocks don't *have* to match, but the handling will be altered.

Lower the rear and not the front, you slow the steering down (less responsive, but more stable).

Most folks lowering the rear run the forks up in the clamps a little.


I've seen the lowering linkages and actually i'm in the process of making one myself tough i'm not sure how much shorter it should be.I'm thinking of making a threaded one so it cuold be adjusted until dialled up.Any info on the lenght would be of great help.

Thanks for your reply.About the local shops i'm not realy sure since theres not a lot of qualified shops around here.I think i read about the lowering spacer in some post but havent foud it again.About altering the steering I can tell you that it is true .I lowered my bike sliding the fork tubes down the triple clamp(about 1-3/4") and loosing the shock thread until the spring almost lost all of its tension.The handling went for the worst.I think that I'll have to revert all the process to fabric set up and then take note about the settings.Still I like the seat height tha i have so i'll have to find a good set-up. The thing about the fork spacers is just cosmetical since the protruding fork tubes dont look so good and interferes with the handelbar adjustment.

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