How many 00/01 riders are.....

Riding there WR's with the front fork tubes raised in the triple clamps. It was my understanding that this was a good mod for the 98/99's but not necessary for the 00/01's. If it will help handling in the tight stuff on my 2K I will give it a try.

I did it on my 01 WR. Didn't notice much difference.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't notice the difference, but so be it.

The effects of moving the fork up in the triple clamp is to change the rake of the bike. It reduces the steering head angle, which makes the steering quicker. If this is taken too far the bike will get head shake and in tight turns push the tire under. The opposite is true when lowering the fork tubes. It will not want to turn.

The bike will be effected regardless of year, and the setting is just a matter of preferance of the rider and riding area.

I, for some reason don't notice much difference in a lot of things the guys rant and rave about. I try a lot of them, but often dont see the big deal. (with exception to the throttle stop, air box and unplugging it) The grey wire took me a while to notivce the diference and used a switch to help verify these changes. It could be the terain I ride or whatever. 10mm is a very small change in the rake. Ya know what, I will change it back for my next ride and let you know what happened.

By raising the forks 8-12mm, you should notice a big change is turn-in speed. I did it on both my bikes, and it will turn in as quick as most of the smaller bikes. However, if you do allot of high speed stuff, I would leave it stock.



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

Taffy's going to hate me for saying this, but when I had my 00 WR, I tried the forks up 1/2" in the clamps. I ride in a lot of sand, and I have to say I HATED it!! Not enough steering angle for me, the bike felt a lot better with the forks at the marks.I know the trick works on the 98s and 99s though.

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