Stiffer springs for WR 426F

I'm looking for stiffer springs (front and rear) for WR 426F.

I've checked so far only at , anybody knows anything about them? Maybe there is another source? Looking for advice.


My only experience with Cannon was 2 years ago when I bought springs for our TTR125. My then 13yr old son was racing it and needed stiffer springs. The people were very helpful with spring rate choices and they also had a young family member racing a TTR125. They set us up with one (they had two) of his prototype progressive rear springs which worked great. They even let my son pick out the paint color for the spring. Very nice helpful folks.

Do not know about Cannon. Their prices seem to be the same as everyone else. They are probably OK springs. If you are looking for a rear 5.6kg spring, check the "for sale" section.


I have a Eibach spring on the rear of my 01WR426 it was installed by ESP when they did my suspension. They kept the stock front for my weight. But did re-valve both front and rear.

I think you can get Eibach springs here at the Thumper Talk Store look in the suspension section.

I get to a page called when I hit the eibach link above. Is that right? Seems to be car related stuff and not bikes?

I've got eibach springs on my bike.

They are supposed to be one of the best (how can you really tell???).

I've got a Race Tech 5.8 I'll sell you for $75.00

Rode with it once then switched to a 5.6.

5.8 was too stiff for my style of riding (tight slower speed singletrack)

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