01 250f out, 06450f in auto clutch???

I am waiting on the call from my dealer telling me my hannah yellow 06450f is in. I am coming off a 01 250f with a efm auto clutch and my question is this...I love the clutch on my 250. Has anyone that has a 450 with a auto clutch ridden a 250 with a auto clutch and can you tell me if it works just as well on a 450. Will I like it just as well on the 450?

I haven't ridden a 250f with the auto clutch, but I have ridden a 450 with one and it works pretty damn well. I don't think you will be dissapointed at all. What kind of differences would you be worried about?

How dose the auto clutch work. I am not familiar with it. Do you still shift of just leave it in 1 gear ?

clutchless shifting..

How dose the auto clutch work. I am not familiar with it. Do you still shift of just leave it in 1 gear ?

Basically it engages the clutch automatically when the engine rpm drops below a set point. This pretty much eliminates stalling and feathers the clutch for you automatically. You still shift like normal. Do a search on "Rekluse" and you'll get more information then you ever wanted know. You'll be hard pressed to find any negative comments on them. It's a very cool set up.

I was asking about it a couple of months ago and now I have one. Here's what I think about it (Rekluse z-Start).

It feathers the clutch perfectly out of turns. It clutches exactly when you need it, such as if you are in too high of a gear, no problem, it clutches like you would need too on a two stroke. I have fell about 12-15 times since I've had it (yes I spend most of my time with the wheels pointing to the moon) and it has never, and I repeat, never, went dead, even when it was nearly upside down on a berm. It feathers perfectly out of the gate (it's critical that the bike has no bog) so you don't have too much wheel spin or too much traction. I also have the left hand rear brake kit (allows you to keep your foot brake) and it is awesome for right hand turns. It's much easier to lock your rear wheel on a jump because you don't have to grab the clutch. The only negative thing I can say, is you can't roll start it.

I love it.

I appreciate the replies. I will probably go the auto clutch route again. Now all I need it the motor!!

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