Need for Speed?

Does anyone know what the top speed for the XR650R is... or there abouts?

I was right around 90 truly stock-> still corked

but nobody leaves them that way.

90 ish

90 ish

This must be from all the scientific testing you've done, huh? How the hell would you know....coughpostwhorecough...

wr450fyamaha??? Who is he? I don't see a "wr450fyamaha" Join those that use the ignore option and he is gone!

Just did it. I've been hesistant to ignore anybody because you never know if someone has something positive to add no matter what. He has totally removed all doubt.

This must be from all the scientific testing you've done, huh? How the hell would you know....coughpostwhorecough...

yes sir, scientific process.

Another question, what gearing have others used --

It depends on the rider (how far, or close to the limit does the rider ride)

What setup is the bike at (Horsepower/torque)

Where and what type of riding?

High speed gearing 15/47 Is great on the freeway and open desert. Stock - uncorked bike can pull about 100 mph and runs out of horsepower to go any faster. Add a header muffler and you can pull 102mph, trick the bike out and go 680cc, cam, caruretor........ect, ect,ect and you can get 118 a little more with a rev box. Astock bike put's out 44hp to the rear wheel and that is enough horsepower to push 500 pounds about 102mph +/- the bike falls off at 8,200rpm to about 39hp but, with a header muffler you can keep the horsepower to 41 (maybe a little more). So, top speed will be a give and take on horsepower and gearing with our bike. Peak horsepower is at 5,800~6,200 rpm. Higher gearing lets you use more of the peak horse power longer but, you will still run out of horsepower on a stock bike before you will ever get to the rev limiter. On a 680cc tricked out setup the peak horsepower last a lot longer, almost to 8,000rpm (58+hp to the rear wheel) so, you can get to the rev limiter and get to 118+mph. 15/47 will keep your RPm much lower on the freeway at 80mph :banghead:

15/49 is the best all around for desert riding if your bike can pull it in the tight stuff.

14/48 is the best all around gearing for a stock bike, not the best for the freeway. 102 mph with a bigger then stock (Taller like the IRC M5B) in the dirt if the bike can pull it. 97.7 stock

13/48 or 13/49 for real tight single track and rocks.

Speed Calculator, Click Here: :banghead:

With stock gearing, uncorked, Barnum's Pro exhaust, and a heavy right wrist, I had (until the batteries went dead) a recorded speed on my GPS of 109.9 MPH.

Now, that was a very rare day, it was cold, the air was dense, and this bike had more power then I had ever felt before. I just hit it perfect.

Most days it will hit ~ 95mph and just hold there no matter what.

can't wait to get all the new stuff that came in the mail while I was gone put on it and try it again here soon...


these speeds were done on established oilfield dirt roads, graded nice so there weren't too many holes or anything to mess with it.

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