So Close To Having The Magic Button... But Soo Far!

Do aussies have timeserts? Should I helicoil?

Well the good news is I seemed to fix up the problem starter on the 450 with a set of new brushes. The bad news is that the mechanic that told me that the starter was shot and i will have to pay him 500$ for a repair, also stripped out the mounts for the starter.. I just attempted to put the starter back on and could not even tighten it. The threads are gonzo!! :banghead: All of the blame aside, I am going to get things sorted out right.

I have been reading threads on timserts, they seem to be the thing to get over helicoils, but is the availability of helicoils much better over serts in australia? The mounts where the bolts go in dont seem to penetrate the casing, so no shavings in the engine. Are heli's easier to complete, considering the location of the mounts? I definatly will not ba able to use a drill press.

not too sure, ive heard helicoils are a bit easier to get a hold of

ive also heard of 'nutserts' ?

a good bolt joint should have something though

Helicoils are good and very simple to use and are easy to use and you do not loose much if any Intergity with what your applying it to the only problem is that they can be kind of expensive if your going to do it your self the coils them self are cheap the tools to do it are what gets you

thanks, I just bought a heli kit for 6mm bolts.. 44 bucks (aus). At least there are tons of 6mm on these bikes and I can now fix em up if I strip any more. You get ten coils in a kit.

I will post the results..

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