Rad Panel bolts

I have just tried to remove rad shrouds and to my horror have found that the bolts are spinning but not releasing Any advise on what to do now the bottom one is fine but the top seems to be spinning in the plastic :banghead:

Are you saying the bolt head came loose from the bolt? THat happened to me on the oil bolt in the frame. Luckily, it didn't come all the way off and I could still reverse out the bolt and get a new one.

If your bolt heads are completely ripped off, I have heard of people in other contexts drilling with a small drill bit into the bolt, then jamming something in the hole, to be able to get some grip on the "something", and then turning the "something" to the left to bring the rest of the bolt out with the "something".

NO sorry I must have miss led you.The head is still on but the insert in the tank must be spinning as the bolt is not loosening and I am panicking

I think you're stuffed.... :lol:

I would probably drill the heads off so that I could at least get the shrouds off to get a look-see at the inserts. It has happened to a couple of my mates. They glued the inserts back in I believe.

It's dead easy to spin them, they can't be overtightened at all. just the gentlest (is that even a word?) of nips with a 1/4 drive socket set :banghead:

I put mine back in with a little dob of copper grease :banghead:

OK cheers any more advice please feel free I will try anything

I just unscrew them from the radiators and lift the shrouds off with the tank :banghead:

NO sorry I must have miss led you.The head is still on but the insert in the tank must be spinning as the bolt is not loosening and I am panicking

do not be panic!

for every problem there is solution.

it is only shroud bolt that stuck.

i have the oil drain bolt smash,upper engine bracket bolts stuck and more bolts in the handlebare that didn't open, finely for all of them i found solution.

you must be creative with this,it's all the fun.

OK, so try to pull the shrouds toward you while trying screw the bolt out with a proaper tool. before you do so try to spray loosen nuts spray and tap on it few times to loose the thread a little.

after getting the bolt out,lock the insert with proaper adhesive.

hope i helps... :banghead:

Try pulling out or prying out on the shroud while unscrewing. The outward pressure may help secure the insert. Once your shroud is off you'll have to do something about the insert........

Maybe ask your local shop, I'll bet that they have seen this situation more than once. (Ofcourse they just probably sell the customer a new tank and set of shrouds :banghead:)

Good Luck :banghead:

Cheers,Does anyone know if I just pull and manage to remove the inserts is it likely to break tank and cause a leak if not I will try that and glue them back with an epoxy

I doubt that you could break that tank. :banghead:

the panels would break before the tank.. :banghead:

Bugger it I left them on,Thanks guys for all your help

Well if the shroud bolt is spinning, just pull it out. What the heck it's already toast. The manual shows a square threaded aluminum insert fitted in to a square molding on the tank. Chances are the last guy did not over torque the bolt, just misthread it to begin with and it binded halfway. Pulling it out of the insert and replacing both may be your only chance. Otherwise, leave it and remove the tank to get to your rads.

This has happened to me. I had to remove the bolt and nut from the tank-there is still plenty of plastic left on the tank.Put the removed square nut in a vise and removed the bolt.Epoxied the square nut back into the tank and re-installed the bolt using anti-seize.Never had any more problems.


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