cutting a stock kickstand

I plan on lowering my dr650 and don't see myself ever raising it back. I therefore don't need to keep the stock kickstand. Instead of forking over some cash for the shorter kickstand, I want to cut the stock kickstand and have my neighborhood amateur welder tack on a new flat foot and brace.

How do I figure out how much the stock kickstand needs to be shortened? :banghead: Seems like some advance rocket science math to me :banghead:

ask me to measure my shorter kickstand lol

:banghead: tsispyder, please o please measure your shorty kickstand for me. Make sure to reference from and to measuring points.


lol. ill go do it real quick one sec

and a random shot of my bike lol

I just bent mine out a bit. Clamped it up in a vice, slipped a pipe over the end, and bent it about 1 in.

thanks tsispyder.

When I bought my 02 650 the previous owner had shortened his stock stand as he had the bike lowered. Now he wasn't a short guy but perfered the bike lowered for the street. What he did was cut a section out of his side stand then welded a nut on the peice on the bike and welded the necessay length of threaded rod on the other end with a loose nut on it so he could tighten every thing up once he made his adjustment for hieght. Works great. I can take a picture if anyone is interested.

Works great. I can take a picture if anyone is interested.

I would like a pic -- to show the mechanic when he lowers mine.

Sounds like interesting idea, an adjustable stand.

Heck. I just like looking at pictures of other bikes so go ahead and post it. ;-)

Here's a picture of the adjustable kick stand made from the stock stand.


I like that adjustable one....

Another method since one owner may not be lowering the bike as much as another.

Push your bike up onto a couple of short stacks of plywood or chipboard make from some spare 3/8 to 1/2 inch offcuts so the wheels are up but the kickstand is on the floor. Adjust the layers of the stacks evenly until the bike leans as much as you wish. Now measure up the leg of the stand as much as the shim stacks under the wheels are and mark with something. Cut shorter by the thickness of the metal pad to allow for the pad thickness and have buddy weld away.

I cut mine down and welded it myself (profesional tig welder here). the shorter kick stand is 1 1/2 inches shorter than the stock one. the way I did the job was to scribe in the midle of the stand the 1 1/2 inches that needed to be cut out and also scribe another line straight down the tube to keep it lined up when I welded it back together. it works great and saved myself $75 for the optional shorter side stand. it's a really easy job to do and will take less than an hour to do it.

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