ill never be gone, just cuz i ride l doesnt mean im not allowed to post in the big bad r forum.



your lame

Good luck on the trade! :banghead: I will be "modernizing" my ride to a 650R this winter! Can't wait! :lol:

What are all these extra posts about some WR450 guy? I can't see a single thing he is posting anymore!! :busted::crazy::crazy::busted::lol::banghead::lol::crazy::lol::crazy::busted::busted:

I have refrained from "dissing" the L bikes until yesterday. To call a watercooled desert racing bike "lame" vs the 20 year old design he's mounting up on everyday is just plain ignorant. Which in turn, is consistent with all his posts. Some guys on here need to toughen up and realize that when someone makes a comment like that it's not directed towards all the "L" riders or even a rider at all but the machine. If you can't take the heat, get out the oven.

WOW...I have been thread-jacked!!! Didn't really expect any offers, but figured I'd give it a go. Might just have to build the hell out of this DRZ and take you 650 guys on THAT way... :banghead: Thanks for the input...

I apologize for the thread jack. Blame it on WR450. Get the 650R and don't look back.....unless you want to see the guy that bought your DRZ...LOL

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