swingarm & linkage bearing removal

I need to replace the swingarm and linkage bearings on my 01 426. The manual says "press" the bearings. Will they hammer out or do I need a hydraulic press? If a press is needed does the swingarm need to be heated up?


There is a great article in the technical forum on this very thing. Check it out.

where? Don't see anything for swingarm/linkage removal.

Typically, the old bearings can be tapped out using a socket that matches the size of the bearing. I do not suggest that you use heat on the swingarm or linkage. You can replace the bearing the same way you would remove the old bearings by tapping them back in using a socket and a hammer. This would not be the preferred method. Take your linkage or swingarm to a machine shop or another local automotive shop and have them press them in. Bearings are expensive, so you don't want to replace them if they get ruined. Call the shops first before you go.

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