whaddya mean the factory burnt down

So, after doing a bunch of reading on TT about bars, I decided to go get a set of replacements. I went to purchase a set of the Renthal Jimmy Button High Bends and I find out that they are not available in Canada. Then I was told the factory burnt down (and has sincebeen re-built) and world-wide supply is limited.

so, I know this topic has been beat to death a few times, but can I get a few suggestions for similar bars?



I don't think anybody else makes bars that high, with the same quality. I have the Button replicas, and they are great. Try shopping online from US sites, I've seen them available, and fairly inexpensive.



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

Renthal's website used to have a chart with all the dimensions for their bars. If it's still there you could use that to find something similar.

I do like my button bends, but I wish they had a little less sweep.

Dont you hate it when the factory burns down?

Link to Dimensions

Neil - Wazzup? Maybe I can send you a pair if we got 'em down here... :)

I've been around :)

..and I don't say much .. but when I do it's long. :D

Unlike you so-Cal guys, our riding season is pretty short up here, so I've been squeezing in as much as I can.

I 've only been on the WR 3 times this year and the last time I was 'taken for a ride' by a couple of expert-class enduro riders. These guys took me through some stuff I would have trouble walking through. It was an epiphany towards dirt riding. Ripping though off-camber (high mountain meadow) boulder fields, 35+ stream crossings, downhills that seem to go one forever.. that same downhill with boulders... :D wow.

We ended up on a ridge that overlooked the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. look left and it was MOUNTAINS look right and it was rolling fields for about 50 miles... then we came down for like an hour. Bashing handlebars off trees trying to convince yourself that the forward lean angle was ok 'cause your mountain bike has a steeper rake... but you wouldn't ride your mountain bike down there either ...so the point was moot... heh heh and by that time your were onto the next heart pounding manouver :D wow.

Naturally the only failing grace of the WR was the guy sitting on it :D The bike performed beyond any expectation and whenever I clinched the butt cheeks and prepared for impact, the bike just yawned and complained about not going fast enough.

I can't say enough good things about this scoot. It makes me look way better thatn I am. Kinda like new skis with the parabolic side cuts, with a litle technology on your side, things are better.

Tomorrow, I've got a couple of buds on KLR 650's that want to try out run me on some fire roads. It'll be a hoot. I hope to lay a few cheap bets on them... I think they'll lose. :D

As well... I've got 5000 miles on my 95FZR1000, 2500 miles on a Honda 01RC51 and I've commuted for 1000 miles on an '89Honda NT650GT (cool v-twin 650). Damn, I had to do the km to miles conversion in my head there... :D as well I resurrected a factory-spec 86YZ490 (I haven't found anyone to ride it yet.) and finally a '73cb350/4 that I'm gonna give to my 16yr old nephew.

:D :D :D

So...I reapeat myself from the top bit... the riding season is short,when it comes around we take advantage of it In the winter we hang out and think of things to do :D

I snagged some decent helmet cam stuff during the tour to Laguna. Naturally the edit-down takes a bunch of time. ..it's easy, just take 7 hours of raw video and.... There's a 30 second clip at

whew.. blabbed on there, eh? :D

hey I hope all is well with you and that you're riding lots. :D Have you had any time to play with Premier? I treat it as a winter-type application.. summer is for creating raw footage.

..oh yeah and the bars. What the hell, if you can find them down there, pass on the dealer name and I'll order them up. I was told that I might be able to get some MAYBE this year. Which is a polite euphemism for "not a chance in hell". If you're in a shop and talking to folks, sure, I'll pay for some shipping and bring 'em on. :D

thanks for the offer,


you shoulda listened to me on 5-6-01!

What! I just bouhgt a pair here in ontario, try phoning machine racing,or oshawa cycle(905-434-7073)see if they will ship u a pair


Don't bother looking any further than your doorstep, well, in a few days that is...

I ordered a pair about 3 weeks ago and they were here in a week!! good luck :) Great bars

At my doorstep! damn you have to like this Internet thing :) I was convinced I would be having to deal with the stock bars until next year. Now, well.. wow.. NOW, I get to play with modifications! I am looking forward to standing up a bunch more. :D

Thanks Ron...

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