could somebody take a picture of their kickstand?

I want to make a kickstand for my yz426 and i wondered if anybody had a picture of thier WR kickstand for me, thanks. :banghead:

why bother? just go to a bike wreckers and get one for nearly nothing.

not any around here with wr kickstands.

I have one in my shed. Its wr parts and a special aluminum bracket that adapts the wr parts to work on the yz. I should try drawing that bracket up so others can make one. Im not sure a picture will do it justace.

Gimme a few minutes. I am working on some pictures for you.

no, don't build one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buy a 2004 wr450 kick stand. they are very Strong. you sill have to fab and weld a bracket to the frame to bolt it to.

good mod for the ktms. don't see why it wouldn't be good for any bike.

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