Michigan registration update

The cop just left the house after doing the VIN inspection and the equipment inspection. He started to challenge the form (and me) about the need for turn signals. He eventually agreed that since they aren't on the form, I guess you don't need them. Awesome, he can read.

The best part is that I have hand grooved Michlen Pilot slicks on the bike from the guy I bought the 17's from. He didn't even bother to check the sidewall for "not for highway use".


haha, awsome, i too am in michigan. what exactly do they check for? do you need high and low beams? what else?


go to the secratary of state website. Start at mi.gov, click government, scroll to Sec of state, click forms, find the TI-54 about 1/3 of the way down. That is the form the cop needs. It also has a list of everything you need to do to the bike. You need high/low beam, tail light, brake light, horn, DOT tires, mirror, and brakes.

ok, i need mirror and new headlight then....i think

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