Just picked up an 05 WR450F

Well, I'll soon be racing again. Sold the Duc and picked up a beautiful 05 WR450F today... it's PRIMO!!! Anyhow, all I've ridden is YZs, so I'm relatively new to the WRs. I would appreciate any and all suggestions for mods and some answers to a few questions:

1. Is the exhaust cam retarded one tooth like it used to be or is that just a myth?

2. Are there any other free mods I need to do than the grey wire mod, throttle stop, air box snorkle and the smog crap removal?

3. I have noticed that the exhaust cam plug replacements are not applicable to the 05 WRs... does this mean that Yamaha has fixed the plug-blowout problem? I haven't had a chance to look at the bike yet.

4. Is the stock drain plug magnetic? If not, I need to pick up one.

Think that's it for now. I'll appreciate all your replies. :banghead:

Congrats on the new bike, your going to love it!!!!! As for your Q's I had an 03 WR450 and as far as i know thats all the free mods you can do to the bike. As for the timing thing its not werth it IMO. Cuz i did it to my bike it didnt change much, that i could tell anyway. And for Q # 3 the cam plug is no longer a problem, And as for the drain plug, im not sure. good luck, Hope I Have Helped. :banghead:

Welcome to a better bike.

The timing is off one tooth from the YZ timing. Most of the people I have read from say that they changed it, then changed it back because it took away from the low end grunt that made them want the WR in the first place.

The decomp plug may be an issue depending on how far into '05 the bike was built. From what I have read..... some still had the plugs and the rest (like mine ) are solid casted over where the plug used to be.

OEM drain plug is not a magnetic type plug but you can get one from most dealerships easily.

My '05 is the best bike I have ever owned or ridden. Not to say that there isn't a better 4-stroke 450 out there, but I dont see how it can be too much better. Like the other dude said, "congratulations." . :banghead:

It was my understanding that in 05 all the motors came out precasted, But I could be wrong :banghead:

I really appreciate the replies, thanks guys. As for the decompression lever plug, I'll just have to look.

The exhaust cam cannot be turned one tooth to get YZ timed, the WR has a de-comp pin for easy starting and it will not start when you do that :banghead:

Even my mechanic thought he could do it and it made him look like an ass.

The blow-out problem and swingarm/chain-guide prob seems to be fixed in 05 :banghead:

Drain plug not magnetic.

Ah, it's good to get some solid answers. Thanks man. No one I had talked to had even heard of the swingarm problem, so I didn't even bother asking. Good to know it's taken care of though. As for the timing, I guess I would have to throw a YZ cam in there if it bothered me... which it didn't seem to in the parking lot. That's about all the ride time I'll be getting for a week or two. Sending parts out and ordering parts in... I'm gonna hit up my first race ALL decked out and ready to rock!!

Congrats on the new bike, I would love to get a new one. Thumperfaq.com info still applies to the o5's. It does not come with a magnetic oil plug.

Happy trails


The bike kicks ass after it is broken in real good, maybe 500 miles. Just do all the free mods and jet with JD kit.

If still want more, then go aftermarket exhaust and Exhaust Hot Cam.

What are you racing?

I race desert and this bike is a sweet ride.

I also just bought a WR 450 F but a 06. I haven't been in the dirt bike world for about 4 years and i have no clue about this bike. So i'm curious about the free mods. if someone could fill me in that would be great

thumperfaq.com, the link is in my previous post.

Already has a pipe and the JD jetting kit. :banghead: Pulling the suspension this weekend. Shitload of other stuff on order too. I race (will be racing) some enduros and offroad in Texas. TORO, TSCEC, and a couple TCCRA if you want specific orgs.

Does the Hot Cam have an auto decomp. yet? Couple years ago when I looked into it, they didn't...

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