Timing Question

I have replaced my timing chain and have timed my bike, but when the timing marks are lined up with the top of the head the " I " mark is just forward of the timing hole mark. If I line up the " I " mark, the marks on the cams are off by just about the thickness of the marks. They are not off by a tooth either way. I already checked just for grins. The manual shows a bad picture of the cam marks. Exhaust looks high and the Intake looks even with the top of the head. This puts the mark right where it should be. I just want to know how exact other people's timing marks line up respectably. I just dropped money on a head rebuild for a stretched timing chain. I'm being careful. Any help would be great. Thanks. (98 YZ400F) :banghead:

When I did mine I also noticed the marks were out just a little... I cant remember which cam was out, but I do know one lined up perfect and the other didnt. It wasnt enough that I was worried about it. Im sure there are a few more out there like that too... I wonder if its from the cam slipping on the gear or if they are like that from the factory?

Hi Voodochild - I have a 99 Wr 400 and just recently replaced the timing chain , after my chain kept jumping teeth - Luckily I didn't have any damage , just a lovely klanking noise - Ended up doing cam timing in the middle of the African Bush - On replacing the cams ,I found that the cam timing marks didn't line up 100% - Previously I tilted the Exhaust cam Inwards and left the Inlet cam Level - This time round I did the opposite and unleashed a handful more horses - Exhaust cam Lined up - Inlet Cam - 1 tooth clockwise -I now have a completely different ride - tons more power , that i didn't have previously .

Cheers .

Nodrog . :banghead:

Anyone else have input on the timing marks on the cams???? :lol:

What have you 450 guys seen on your timing marks?


At TDC are they lined up or off a little as discribed?



The marks are quite commonly off just a little. As you noticed, as long as it's not a whole tooth in either direction, you're right where you belong. Something to remember is that you want the front chain run tight when you check the mark alignment. Push the chain tensioner in with a finger and roll the engine forward into position to check it.

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