Insurance costs

just wait until the Gulf Coast Hurricane expenses hit the Insurance rates ... we will ALL pay for that claim

:banghead: you guys might say bs. but i pay $45.00 per year with allstate. but i have everything i own through them. liability only, no tickets. bike is paid for.

this is on a 2000 xr650r

My Hayabusa is 500 a year for full coverage and my KX500 was 250 a year for full coverage through USAA My pitbike is about 120 bucks a year for full coverage.

My XR600 is $18/year....liability only...and it is a '87... thru GMAC.

18 dollars? why dont they just make it free?

163.00 liability through ARBELLA. just started dealing with them so i dont know how or if they are any good.

Try Geico

Remember if you live in MIchigan you pay catastrophic. If you were to subtract that you are getting insurance for about 80.00 per year for liability. Its like 125.00 per vehicle right now. So if you lookat it that way yes its competitive. I have gmac as well for 212.00 the rep told me that Mi is the only state with catasrophic they deal with.

I have liability on a 94 XR650L and full coverage on an 03 Shadow Sabre. $580 for the year thru McGraw I think.

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