A couple questions

Hi, Mike.

Have you experimented with the jetting?

Also, if you use the stock head pipe, check the weld between the flange & the pipe. Mine was built up 1/8"+ all the way around. A die grinder got rid of that.

I'm also running the vortip, though a little less modified than yours. It's just strange that it takes away bottom/mid but pulls strong on top while restricting flow.

I'm hoping I can jet the bottom back in. I'm just really slow.

I'm currently at: DVP#4, 175 main, 45 pilot (too lean, soon to be 48), vortip with tube ends thinned & flared, YZ cam timed, airbox lid gone, octopus retained, gray wire pulled. @ 1000-3000 ft.

This summer I've committed myself to riding w/vortip. The power was perfect without, but just too darn loud.



98 WR400 Dualsport!

First I will give you my bike status.

Throttle stop cut

Air box lid

Custon vortip, opened to 1"

14-52 gearing.

Grey wire cut

I tried YZ timing before the grey wire got cut and wans't happy with the low end, so I changed it back. I did nothin else. I am thinking of trying it again now that the wire is cut. I noticed some change with the wire cut and was thinking that the YZ timing may be better now that the wire is cut. Just looking for thoughts on this. I was also wondering if I should have adjusted the needle clip location when I did the YZ timing.

maybe I should just leave it alone.


I think you should fix it by purchasing a 520 ;-)

Seriously, why would you change anything on that bike? The power always seemed perfect to me.....

I won't do anything that involves jetting. Thats a promise. I was just curious about the effect the grey wire has with the YZ timing. Riding sunday early am if you are interested. Are you going to the VT turkey run??

Yup. Turkey run it is.

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