Hot Start Plunger Stuck!!!

One day i noticed that my hot start lever was stuck. I attempted to free up the plunger in the carburetor and couldn't. It is frozen in the down position. How the heck can i remove it. I thought of drilling a small hole in it and placing a small screw in the hole and using a slide hammer or something to get it out. I am little afraid to mess with it too much in fear of damaging the carburetor, a new one is about $1,100....Any ideas???

Is the cable still in it, or have you broken it out of the plunger?

Try putting some penetrating oil in the plunger hole - hopefully it will eat through some of the corrosion between the carb wall and the plunger - if not you will have to drill out the plunger - do not drill into the carb

Some how condensation and or cleaning solvent got down in there - I try to keep some white lithium grease in that hole -

The cable broke off or out whatever, when i was pulling on it to try and free it up. Once the cable was out of there, i began to pull on it with some needle nose plyers and nothing happened.

Try soaking it with penetrating oil as recommended, then, if it still won't budge, try heating it with a hair dryer to see if that helps.

After that, I would take it to a machinist, have him drill into it, thread it, and pull it out using a bolt and nut as a puller, or by using a slide hammer.


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