Recovering Seat

Going to recover the seat on my 95 XR6. Gripper seat made by CEET (black, with red and white on the back end). Any tricks on instalation? Give me the steps you took to make your seat look like a professional did it. :banghead:

I took my XR seat to my personal professional and it is perfect. He has done numerous seats for me over the years. He recommends putting the cover in the dryer for a few minutes to soften it up and make it stretch easier. If it takes you too long, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to extend your working time. Do the front first, then the back, then work the sides back and forth to get it tight and smooth.

targetdrone is correct. You definitely want to use heat to make it soft. If you don't, you will have wrinkles.

Have a blow dryer handy. Those ceet gripper seats are the easiest to get on, they are very stretchy.

Start at the front. A few staples to hold it in place. Strectch it to the back making it pretty tight. A few staples to hold it in place. Next pull the sides down around the angle part of the bottom of the seat. A few staples. Just work the rest of the seat into place. Don't be afraid to remove and replace staples to get it to sit right. Heat it when necessary to get a good stretch. Its pretty easy.

look around the yellow pages for a small upholstery shop, very likely you can get it done professionally for a reasonable fee

I think that if you already own a compressor and if you are a serious dirt rider then one of the best things you can do is to get a very good air powered staple gun and just learn to install your own seat covers. Just follow the excellent tips above and go for it. I also like to remove and then replace existing covers just to custom carve various seat foams just to get the "perfect" seat for me and family.

Hi Gang,

Okie dokey I'm tired of my butt hurting, and ready to attach that dang seat.

I intend on using the old base and foam just trim some off the top and add to the side so what density do you reccomend on the top? I was thinking an inch of the soft stuff. What about that NASA foam u know the stuff the temprepedic beds are made of? What kind of vinyl do i use to top the seat?

The local upholstery shop says he has never heard of 4 way stretch only 2 way stretch? Can I use one piece of Vinyl or will I need to set a skirt around the top piece.

Thanks all..........Alex

I took mine to a local upholstery shop and for forty bucks it looks great.

They steamed mine plus they used stainless steel staples , so I let them do it .

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