Gotta good one........

While checking some things on my 450 i finally got the bike to start and was running fine. I forgot to hook up the kill switch si i turned off the petcock and was going to let it run dry. Then noticed it was starting to dump radiator fluid from the vent line.Also checked my oil level and it showed to have none, which i knew the ride before i had changed it and there was oil in there. So i added more than a quart to it and this thing never did show up on the dipstick and i did notice that the coolant from overflow was cold, radiators were both hot though. Is there a common shaft or sprocket that drives both oil pump and water impellor? I did drain the oil from the frame and there was oil in there but man it was black for just two rides, as if oil has not been circulating.

Your bike is going to dump coolant if your moving forward cooling the rads...YZ's always leave a pee mark if your sitting and waiting or idling in your garage. Your oil is also going to read low if its gotta follow the oil check procedure...warm it up, kill it (usually with a kill button) and then read the oil level after a moment or two. The oil's color is very dependant on the conditions you ride, the length of time between changes and the condition of your oil and air filter. If you just changed the oil w/o changing the filter I would expect it to become dark real quick.

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The water pump shaft is driven of the counter balancer.

As for the oil if it's black after one ride it could be blow by from worn rings or cylinder check the cross hatch on the cylinder wall.

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