XR650L Microfiche

Hey all, i know bikebandit.com has a viewable microfiche for the 650L which is great, but i was wondering if anyone new of a place i can just download a printable copy of one?

I can go through the hassle of opening and printing each section out individually, but it would be 1000x easier to just grab the whole thing at once with the Honda part numbers in tact, and print that. This way when i goober it with mud and oil i can just reprint the thing. :banghead:

Any suggestions?

Can you right-click on the images and pick 'save-as'?


Hi Dave,

Yes, I can do the "save as" thing for the images, but the part # descriptions are all in HTML. That doesn't translate well when trying to save it to a form readily usable by the computer I use. I am set up VERY well for graphics, but very light for word processing and HTML conversion. The best I can do is copy the parts lists into notepad to blow out the formatting, and then transfer them to excel to try to get them listed again. The HTML pages on bikebandit.com are partly set up as a shopping cart, and the "Quantity" links don't translate well into excel. All in all it is a good day’s work to transfer all that info into a printable format that I could save into one file (yet another step). I was hoping for an easier way out.

I was able to copy and paste the parts list and pricing to Word and it only took a couple of minutes to edit it to where it was easy to read again.

Try word instead of excel. Unless you dont have word...

:banghead: i dont have word, just notepad and excel

*kick* stupid work computer.... ...oops...

did i say i was at work? :banghead:


Ya know what? Ive never seen a computer that didnt have Word!

How funny is that!

welcome to corporate America, where things you need to do your job are removed so that the higher ups can bitch that you didn't do what they wanted you to. :banghead:

WORD was dropped when Microsoft released 'Works", I think ... I got an old copy of Office 98, and loaded the WORD program from there :banghead:

Due to company policy (which is adhered to quite stringently) i cannot add any "unauthorized" programs to this computer. they police the licenses very closely.

I have office 98 and 2000 at home, but i cant use them here. Not legal to do so.

I was hoping i could just d/l the thing and print it out. *sigh* i guess ill have to do it the long way. :-(

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