Acerbis 6.0gal tank (Best Price so far)


any one get it cheaper ?

Acerbis "safari 6 gallon tank"----$150.00. Ridgecrest, Ca. RMC.

You have a PM..........

Acerbis "safari 6 gallon tank"----$150.00. Ridgecrest, Ca. RMC.

Do they have a website?


No web site, just a locale shop near him.

I will forward on the information if it pans out.

Why the big secret... share peoples...

shop in Ridgecrest called Ridgecrest Motorcycle Company

This is what I sent to al piv:

Sorry that I havn't gotten back to you sooner, a friend passed away and I have been busy trying to help his family. I stopped by the shop on Saturday, they do not have any tanks in stock. The guy told me that you (someone) had called and that he was trying to work a deal. He also told me that I got my tank so cheap because someone ordered it to put on an XR650L and it wouldn't fit. So he unloaded it at just above wholesale to get it off the shelf. I have found that these guys at RMC try to be competetive with the other dealers. Their number is 760-384-2510.

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