Another starter button question

The last ride I was on I broke my starter button. So I ordered a Tusk kill switch from rocky mountain. Maybe I got sent the wrong part or something cause the whole assembly is about a foot longer than the stock one, plus the connectors are completely different. I was thinking I would just cut the wires of the new assembly to match the length of the stock unit, then just solder it to the old connectors. But is there a positive or negative? If so I don't see a way to tell.

I don't know anything about this crap.

That'll work...don't forget to shrink-sleeve the joints.

Thanks is it possible to cross the wires, or does it not matter?

It does not polarity to worry about, all you're doing is hooking up a momentary, normally open switch...

I got real tired of the stock buttons losing the little grey plastic inner portion of the button and bought a starter button assembly from a Honda CRF250X. You still have to save the old connector and solder/shrinktube the splice, but it works flawlessly and does NOT lose the little grey (or red for the kill button) inner plastic any more.

After 3 button Yamaha Button replacements, I figured it was time for a change to something that works and is not as cheaply made as the aftermarket bottons you can find. :banghead:


Hey thanks guys thats exactly the info I was looking for.

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