I just yz timed my wr today. Now its acting funny. I start going through the "drill". I pull my compression release in, find TDC. Then when I let the compression release out sometimes I can kick the bike over a few times before I have compression again. I sure thought I did the timing change by the book. I know I didnt drop the half ring in the case. Sometimes it behaves normally when I let go of the compression release.

Just a thought, but did you "unlock" the timing chain tensioner after you did the mod?

I tried the switch to YZ timing last week and it was an utter disaster. The bike ran like crap after I did it so I had to put it back to WR timing. The good thing that happened was that I futzed with the carb during the YZ experiment and when I put it back to WR timing, it ran better with the adjusted carb. (It happened that I turned the fuel screw out a half turn.) Some people seem to be able to switch to YZ timing with no carb adjustments and it runs great. Not me.

unlock? I turned all the way clackwise as I was putting it on. It was the only way I could get it on again.

You should of turned the tensioner all the way clockwise until it stayed there. Then bolted it up, then just touch the tensioner screw and it will release to the right tension.

Check that the decompresser is releasing in the head. I have seen them get a bur on the slider and stick down causing a lack of compression. They stick intermittly when bured or a little bit of dirt gets on them. Mine stuck once and I thought I'd done a piston in.(It backfired and stopped while trying to start it and lost compression) My 4 cents worth


Funktree, in order to isolate the nature of your problem, can you tell us if your bike runs well on the timing change you made. Is it just a starting problem, or does your bike backfires and has loss of power?

It wont start, so I dont know how it runs. I tried for awhile to get it to start but it wont do it.

I just wanted to thank y'all. I guess i had the old dirt in the compression release. Its workin fine now. I still havent started it because I have the carb apart, but it has compression all the time now.

Howdy all. I just got the bike all together and started it up. Ran like crap. I had to use the hot start button to start it even though it was cold. It would not idle at all, and backfired pretty bad. I know I did the timing change right, Ive had it apart twice. I have 12 pins between the punch marks at TDC. I think the problem is in my carb. I should have tried it with my stock jetting to see how it worked before changing it, but I didnt. Since I was basically turnin my bike into a YZ i changed my carb to mostly YZ spec. I now have EKP #4, 172 main, 45 pilot, and 100 PAJ. I didnt change the fuel screw at all. Can you guys give me some ideas on what to check out?

anyone got an idea of where to start? Im gonna pull the carb apart again today.

Im thinkin that its gettin too much fuel. I believe the hot start allows more air into the carb. If this is correct then I would need less fuel or more air. Maybe going back down on the pilot and the PAJ will improve things. ANyone think Im gettin warm here?

Is there anyone out there?????? I took my carb apart and changed most of the jets back to original. I now have 42 pilot, 170 main, #65 PAJ. Fuel screw 1 turn out. Bike still doing same thing. It will almost start with the hot start button. It starts but dies instantly. What the heck did I do to my bike?? PLEASE HELP

now I went back to stock timing and jetting. Still the same problem. Bike will almost start with hot start out when cold. Maybe my timing chain slipped on the crank?? Any ideas?????


I am not a carb expert, but only 1 turn out on the fuel screw doesnt seem right. I recall reading 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 turns out on different posts. I really don't know,so before I say something stupid and screw ya all up, I'm gonna shut up.

Now the no compression thing is back. Could this be a symptom of slipping on the crank. If my timing chain did slip then how do I get it back.

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