450f exhaust on a 426f

I was wondering does anyone know if a 450 exhaust will work on a 426?I have been looking for a replacement for my powercore4 and not much listed for the old 426 anymore,just wonderinf ir the fmf tailsections would mount up.I have the powerbomb header if that helps any.thanks guys

I genuinely doubt it. I think the 400/426 have one frame style and I know the 450 has a different frame than my 400. Sorry bud.

By the book, it's not supposed to work, but it might with an FMF. For one thing, the muffler hanger on the round cans like the Ti4 and Factory 4 slip into any position you care to put them in. And, the midpipe and muffler are separate parts. People have been able to use some late YZ250F exhausts on older models. Sometimes it may require a bracket to be made or a midpipe bend modified. All you can do is check one and see, unless you hear from someone who's tried it.

The 450 header has a larger diameter than the 426. One of the guys I ride with took the Powercore 4 off of his 2002 426 and put it on his 2004 450. It is a very tight fit. It bolts up to the subframe perfectly though. The stock 450 muffler is too loose on the 426 header. It may be close enough to shim.

the tail sections on my 02 426 and 03 450 were interchangable stock and also whitebros e series

sorry for the OT but this thread set me thinking... is it possible to fix a yz450 'cone' end cap onto a yz426 muffler?

it looks much nicer looking than the sprout

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