Preperation for sand riding

I am taking my bike to the beach soon camping and riding. Some people say that sand is no good for the bike. What can i do to protect the bike. I have heard spraying silicon on seals etc. :banghead:

IMHO, sand is not different than dirt and actually may be easier on your bike.

riding on sand is completely different, however.

I would just get a paddle tire for the rear.

Make sure you have a mudflap to protect the shock and a good air filter.

Have fun.

I've ridden my bike out in the dunes a whole bunch of times. Normal stuff before. Lube cables, check oil level, lube chain, clean air filter. The worst is after. No pressure washing, just run the water over it to get the big stuff off. I usually change the oil after the weekend. Redo all the stuff I did before. Just keep from putting it down in the soft stuff. It makes it a lot harder.

just curious, why no pressure washing?

just curious, why no pressure washing?

nothing to wash off except dust.

Hit it with a little compressed air to blow off any residual sand and then wash as normal.

just curious, why no pressure washing?

High pressure air or water could/will force dirt/sand into seals and or bearings. Not good! Using a regular garden hose and rag will do the job. Changing your oil and filter, cleaning your air filter and maintaining lube after riding in dirt or sand will save you future problems in the long run. Doing that is a small price to pay compared to what you could pay if you dont give your bike some lovin after a good ride :banghead: JMHO.........

yeah, your prolly gonna wanna change your tend to ride much harder in the sand. if you really stay away from bearings, you can pressure wash it but after a sand ride, that isnt will just be dusty.

It's a really common misperception that sand is damaging to equipment. Think of it this way: what people worry about is that sand gets into the bearings and causes all kinds of damage due to it's highly abrasive properties, right? But just consider how big a grain of sand is compared to a speck of dust. The sand grain is a whole lot bigger and there is no way sand will get into sealed areas easier than dirt will! There is some increased wear to the chain and sprockets, but it's not that big a deal.

As for the fun factor of riding in sand, I have found that very low air pressure in the front tire helps A LOT. As long as you have at least one beadlock, you can run the front tire almost flat, like 5 psi- it really helps the bike to float on the sand, especially at the lower speeds. I have found that the big XR is a sand monster, one of the best sand bikes ever!

yeah, but when sand does get into stuff, it really messes it up......way worse than a speck of dirt....or even 234251341345 specks of dirt.

Actually until you reach a speed that puts you on top of the sand there is more resistance on the tires. The bike has to work harder and therefore quite often runs hotter in the sand. You have to run with your rpms up all the time. Heat and high rpms contribute to engine wear. There is more stress on the chain and sprockets so they tend to wear out quicker if you ride in the sand a lot.

The sand can get into things and needs to be cleaned out. If you only plan on riding in the sand occasionaly don't worry about it. Just keep your bike clean.

It's all about the CR500!!

You don't even need a stinkin' paddle tire.. A cheap IRC M5B sand tire works perfect!!

It's all about the CR500!!

You don't even need a stinkin' paddle tire.. A cheap IRC M5B sand tire works perfect!!

An IRC MB5 is a sand tire

An MT410 is even better :banghead:


On the pressure washing, with an o-ring chain it can blow the grease out of the chain.

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